Bonus episode: Shopify Unite London 2022

We're back with a bonus episode of the TBS podcast, where we talk about the recent Shopify Unite 2022 event in London. We also get into the recent announcements regarding upcoming App Store changes.
  • Jacks Unite pre-meetup event
  • Unite itself:
  • What did you like most about the event?
  • Which talks were best?
  • Location, food etc.
  • Coming soon: App Store Listing changes
  • Coming soon: Re-categorization of App Store (again)
  • What’s next for you?

Creators and Guests

Björn Forsberg
Björn Forsberg
Founder of FORSBERG+two. Award-winning Shopify apps, helping 85,000+ stores since 2011. Bootstrapper and co-host of @TBXpodcast
Jack Kowalsky
Jack Kowalsky
Founder of @translateci1 . Co-host of @TBXpodcast . Founded Neat A/B Testing. I tweet about growing a new SaaS business from zero.
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