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Episode 14: Voice & tone, hiring developers and new app store categories

Motivation is back for Bjorn with new app logos, improved email drip flows and an almost complete AppKit. Jack works on formalising voice and tone with the new expanded team, improving Neat A/B Testings email notifications and hiring more developers. We also chat about long-term thinking, and the value it can bring once you reach a certain MRR.

Episode 13: Mexican vacation catchup, and a suspicious negative review story

We catchup after Jack's vacation and talk about a quite wide range of topics, including a strange case of suspicious negative reviews. See show notes for a full list of topics for this one.

Episode 12: Activity based emails, webhook processing and hosting

This week we catch up on progress, working on activity based emails, processing webhooks and app hosting solutions.

Jack has an exciting update

This week Jack shares an exciting update for his Neat A/B testing app. Bjorn moves ahead on branding and AppKit. We also get Shopify App Store Attribution, Rails Turbo Frames, and our thoughts on embedded apps.

Branding, outsourcing development and app store analytics

This week we chat about brand and marketing, outsourcing development work and Jack maybe changing directions on Translate CI. We also get into app store traffic and analytics.

Customer interviews, public feature requests and helpful javascript frameworks

This week we dive into a lot. Like Jack’s recent customer interviews, thoughts on public roadmaps, helpful javascript for backend devs and more.

Burnout and motivation in Corona times

This week we talk about burnout and keeping motivation up. We also chatted a bit about upgrading Shopify API versions and designing good pricing pages

Finding app ideas, using polaris and transitioning from free to paid

This week we catch up on progress of our new projects, talk about finding app ideas, using the Shopify Polaris design system and also how to transition a free app to paid.

Redemption, explainer videos and app store optimization

This week’s episode has an update on Björn’s recent incident, and Jack comes with some great tips for explainer videos and improving the Shopify app store listing.

Grumpy old men - Incidents, bugs and useful dev tools

This week we get into the details of an incident with one of Bjorn's apps, Jack goes on a wild goose chase with the Assets API, and also shares some great tools for Laravel developers.

Superhero, Customer Support, Shopify Polaris and PartnerMetrics

This week Jack hits a roadblock with Superhero, Bjorn get's excited about AppKit and the new Polaris figma UI, and some exciting news coming for PartnerMetrics

Happy New Year!

Jack submits a new Shopify app called "Superhero", Bjorn hires his wife for marketing and bookkeeping, and both reflect on 2020 and the year ahead!

Screencasts, pricing, Shopify App Store ads and logo design

This week we discuss Jack's coming plans to record screencasts for TranslateCI, we share our experiences with the Shopify App Store Ads and we get into our preferred ways of creating logos and creative assets.


Welcome to the first episode of The Bootstrapped Podcast. In this episode, Jack and Bjorn introduce themselves, talk about what they are working on, hiring employees and the new Partners API coming from Shopify.

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