Episode 28: Bye for now 👋

In what will be the last episode for some time, Jack and Bjorn talk about sales calls, building from your gut feeling, new app store listings and much more... we hope you've enjoyed listening as much as we've enjoying talking. Thanks for now!
• Last episode
• Sales calls
• Early stage SaaS - building from your gut feeling
• New App Store Listings - The New Arms Race
• Delay with making apps multi-lingual because of new App Store stuff
• Demo stores showcasing apps
• Product testers / feedback service
• Explainer videos (150 words per minute roughly)

Creators and Guests

Björn Forsberg
Björn Forsberg
Founder of FORSBERG+two. Award-winning Shopify apps, helping 85,000+ stores since 2011. Bootstrapper and co-host of @TBXpodcast
Jack Kowalsky
Jack Kowalsky
Founder of @translateci1 . Co-host of @TBXpodcast . Founded Neat A/B Testing. I tweet about growing a new SaaS business from zero.
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